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We and our clients do not look for a long correspondence by letters, we prefer to make real meetings, where a couple can at the romantic restaurant during the dinner ,with the glass of wine feel that sparkle of love,the warmth of a touch and a love affair in the communication.  

The Ukraine is great not only because of our amazingly beautiful women; The Ukraine is wonderful in its own way too.  The capital –Kiev and smaller cities…What draws the attention first? – The architecture, the history,  a tender spring or fall sun,  green trees,  little cozy street cafés with classic music or pubs with fresh beer and  unbelievably tasty snacks, the lights of the night city and of course feminine, gorgeous creatures in the light dresses, the heels clicking, a smile,  a look…

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Good day, dear men! Thank you for visiting our site. You have made the right choice. Here you will find a great opportunity to meet your future wife, life partner, and real love. My team and me are wholeheartedly interested in your future, a happy future filled with love and family happiness by the fireside, in the arms of a loving faithful woman. We personally select contestants. The main rule is a seriousness of purposes, commitment to marriage and the birth of children. If you have any questions, suggestions, requests or you need additional information, you can contact me personally, writing e-mail alenka543@gmail.com or meetreallove@yandex.ru

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What kind of man I'm looking for? I have often asked this question to myself. And often the answer was something like: the ideal does not exist! We oneself find our second part. And working together for our relations, that to exist, to love together. In the man for me important responsible, to keep the family in the first place, that was a decent, loyalty, respect, attention. It should be mandatory for him. To understand the true meaning of life in the children, the family and mutual love. But not in the short-term entertainment, cars and things. And I'm looking for just such a man - real man! And for this man I'm ready to be the best woman on earth!






American Psychologist Tracy Cabot selects the 12 main principles of healthy love - the one who can make a man happy, that filled with life, and does not deprive the rest, sleep and forces:

1. When two people enter into sexual relations, the life of each of them should be improved. If life is getting worse, or if you are dragging each other down in the end, someone senses and wish to leave.

2. You can not buy love. If you do this, do not expect that your costs will pay off handsomely.

3. Avoid jealousy. Provoking jealousy, you are playing with fire. Someone is sure to get burned. People are already prone to jealousy, it happens that they lack confidence, so you should not deliberately cause this feeling.

4. When healthy romantic relationships, both partners depend on each other equally.

5. Truly loving person does not require proof of a partner reciprocal feeling. He proves his love.

6. Beware of the desire to change the partner. If you turn a partner in another person, remember that, perhaps, this new man will not want to stay with you.

7. Someone who is depressed, it is difficult to love. Love should make a man happy, but the society of your chosen one does not guarantee you happiness. Only you can make yourself happy or sad.

8. A woman wants to think that the prince loves her unapproachable and not suffering from psycho. Men also do not like the hysterical and so-called bombs, from which is not known what to expect, because it could explode at any moment. The unpredictability of a partner loosens the nerves and kills the feeling just as bores complete and absolute predictability.

9. Swift broke love quickly fraying. To find happiness as a constant, one of two people should love wisely. If a partner is silent in response to your blatant outrage, does not mean that he is deaf, does not mean that he is weak, does not mean indifference. This means that he has a hand in which he himself holds.

10. If the partner has learned that you can mistreat you, to convince him otherwise be very difficult.

11. If you doubt whether you planned action, should refrain from it. It is better to wait until you would think the best solution. Refrain from actions that require too much effort or expense and issue your excessive interest. And that, and another, or not valued, or after rapid falls in value, either directly discouraged.

12. People tend to feel most comfortable with partners, equal to their social standing and thus psychological opposites. In other words, you will be best for people with your level of education and a similar origin. Keep in mind: to marry a prince on a white Mercedes car, you should most be a princess in a red Porsche convertible. Your values must match. This means that if you have a university degree, you should look for a partner with the university of a diploma. Psychological antipode will stabilize your emotional state. Extroverts need an introvert, a pessimist - an optimist. This rule explains the balance between equal partners uniting the social level and general views, on the one hand, and ensuring harmony and balance of psychological opposites, on the other.